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Michale Rakes – District Manager Greater Boston

NPA -What’s in NPA – In front of you.

Leaderships needs to know what’s important to you.

Many buzz about NPA – Different indicators

There are many indicators that you have no control over.

PES – that’s where the pay happens

NPA – Websites for 2 areas: Corporate and Unit


Corporate Indicators

Accident rate – Safety is at 15%

Accident CCA retention TOE (Main thing is OT. It’s the TOE killer)

What is driving the units?

TOE is 30 % of the units.

Look into what drives it.

Mitigation Factors process is- very fast! Total 21 days to file.

Must be a reason that will move you to the next level – if not, no point.

Must know what you did to control your indicators.

November- 21 day timeline, that very fast!

Mitigation factors – must be able to show what you did for the year.

Doug Tulino VP Labor Relations

Mail volume – 4 billion drop!

What to do to get yourself back to financial stability

Legislators- meet to congress to not meet these payments- 8.6 billion

The postal retirement funding is the most funded system in the USA! 51% funded At this moment

Will be sitting to change EAS contract to better mimic craft contract


Touch stamps – other stuff (in the works)

Informed delivery -6.2 mil subscribers presently

New marketing strategies, Such as:

Click this for a coupon (Then they could follow up)

Political mail – Huge opportunity

Ship From Store (SFS)

Inventory Management Returns – Choice of returns!

New products: First scans – Manage Inventory

Charlie Scialia NAPS Law Firm:

No more downgrade will be granted since we have PSE and CCA

ELM 65O:

  1. Discipline: Low – Low in lieu of grievances process – appeal to AM or PM

Adverse action – double process removals downgrades – MSPB rights! At least one year of continuous in that position or similar position. Veteran preference carries no weight in this process –

You need to at least a supervisor and 2 employees

Letter of propose “Suspension” File 650 meditations- after meditation, if not successful, send an appeal letter or ask for a meeting -propose letter of removal

  1. Process MSPB or ELM 650, then appeal to VP Labor Relations – You’ll get a hearing officer –
    results a recommendation to VP- 95 % of the time the removal is upheld

MSPB – rights to file 30 days

Debt Collections

No statues of limitations- they could go back to 100 years. – You could be represented by NAPS if you retired as a member.  Must contact NAPS.