NAPS 2018 National Convention

Notes from 2018 National Convention held at Mohegan Sun Resort, Uncasville, CT, the week of August 6-10 by Adelle Livingston.

Bruce Moyer: Legislative & Legal Privatization of the USPS = 756 Reform.
Support: 993 Reform:  64 Democrats   16 Republican.

BMG: Board of Directors.

Pay – Pay Talks- Fact Finding.  2016-2019
Robert Height / Oseph J.Valvic / Susan Halpern
are the factfinding members.
Make findings and recommendations to U.S.P.S.

APMA has not decided to go to factfinding (took contract)
– Is not required that the USPS accept their findings

Administer of exhaustion before you can go to court.
As for changes in the law via Congress.
Lobby for postal reform.


TITLE 39 (1971) established 3886-Postal Bonuses for executives.
Proposal  3 – 5 Years HG/Pay -Discontinue Supplement.
Was denied by NAPS Officer
Going to Fact Finding.

Inc of 10,000 carriers
Go back to PTF’s

Mastering Monday in effect Nationwide.
Change in the DRT / Grievance process (n effect Inationwide)

OFFICERS:  Results of the National Election

President:- Brian Wagner
Executive V.P.- Ivan Butts
Secretary / Treasurer -Charles Mulldore
National N.E.V.P. Regional: Thomas Roma
Eastern Regional V.P.-Richard Green
Central Regional V.P.-Craig Johnson
South Regional V.P-Tim Ford
Western Regional V.P- Marilyn J. Waltion
New England Area V.P. – Cy Dumas
New York Area V.P.- James Warden
Mid-East Area V.P. – Tony Grasilonia
Capitol Atlantic Area V.P. – Troy Griffin
Pioneer Area V.P. – Timonthy Needham
Michiana Area V.P. Kevin Trayer
Illini Area V.P.- Luz Moreno
North Central Area V.P. – Dan Mooney
Mink Area V.P. – Richard Green
Southeast Area V.P. – Robert Quinlan
Central Gulf Area V.P. -Cornel Rowel
Cotton Belt Area V.P. – Shri Green
Texas Area V.P. – Jamie Elizondo
Northwest Area V.P. – Joe Loman
Rocky Mountain Area V.P. – Myrna Pashinski
Pacific Area V.P. – Chuck Lum

2022 Convention (Vote)

New Orleans – 1400
Denver- 1169

Denver: Donate $25,000 to NAPS

New Orleans: HYATT

New Orleans’ 300th Anniversary.
Food / Music (Jazz)
Festival (Mardi Gras)
300 Parking Spots